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Neurosurgery service, received the case of a 12 years old patient with Down syndrome, pulmonary hypertension and with an interventricular communication. The interventricular communication is one of the most common heart defects which are presented at birth, it could occur alone or with other congenital diseases. The patient had clinical recurrent background with difficulty to walk due to the decrease of the muscular force of the lower limbs.

Due to the above, it was diagnosticated a spine congenital luxation and a secondary spastic quadriparesis. Due to his cardiac pathology, it was necessary an assessment by cardiology, who checked his condition and authorized the intervention, so the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Salvador Mattar, performed the procedures of open luxation reduction of cervical spine and a fixation and instrumentation of posterior cervical spine.

The result obtained was successful, with rehabilitation therapies and help of family members, the patient have control of his inferior limbs and can walk. La Misericordia Clinica Internacional aim that the patient assist to the medical controls to obtain progresses.