The past 1st of September, in La Misericordia Clinica Internacional, it took place a surgery leadered by the best’s health specialists and cutting edge technology, permitting the success in each of the surgical interventions done at our institution.

This surgery consists on the correction of the craneo-cervical luxation of a female patient of 44 years old, who was intervened in 3 different health institutions where any improvement was obtained. Some symptoms, such as difficulty to sit down, walk and the use of her limbs continued presenting.

The surgical intervention was leadered by the Spinal Neurosurgeon Dr. Salvador Mattar, who perfomed a successfully occipital fixation with the cervical spine of the patient. With this procedure, the objective was to relieve the compression of the cervical spine cord that was what prohibited the complete mobilization of her limbs.

With the help of physics therapies, it is hoped to achieve, gradually, the movement of the body, so the patient don´t depend of third persons and realize her daily activities.