Cutting edge equipmentNeurosurgery service has an equipment of intraoperatory images and a multidimensional surgical images platform, designed for the use on spine, orthopedic and trauma related surgeries; this equipment is called O-Arm, and shows images during the intervention in real time.

In addition, O-Arm have an integrated advanced model of neuronavigator, which provides during the surgical intervention real and fluoroscopic images. In our institution, La Misericordia Clinica Internacional, the Neurosurgeon Dr. Salvador Mattar has performed successful procedures in spine employing this technology, permitting observe the patients anatomy, check the surgery condition, be more precise and verify the surgical changes. Many are the advantages of this scanner, one of them is that it may take 360° images around the patient so tridimensional reconstructions could be done in a determine area.

If you desire to know more about this new technology in Colombia, you may contact La Misericordia Clinica Internacional, leading institution with these technological advances for the improvement of our patients.

Neuronavigator S7

Neuronavigator S7Is a surgical system guide by images that allows the surgical navigation in real time, employing radiological images of the patient obtained before the procedure, from different perspectives such as: axial, sagittal, coronal, trajectory views and probe view.

Before the intervention, the specialist may create, store and simulate the advance of one or more surgical trajectories. As this equipment helps to display, the surgeon could also create and manipulate one or more 3D models of the patients anatomy (skin, cortex, tumors, vessels, ventricles, skull, etc) and visualize its corresponding form in 2D (axial, sagittal, coronal, trajectory views and probe views). The creation of 3D models could be done automatically, by contouring or manual.